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About Us

Dr. Cornelius’s approach to health care is to give the very best care and treatment possible, as she knows there are many factors that can affect one's skin health, including, but not limited to diet, environment, and hereditary factors.

Divine Derm understands the psychological impact of imperfections in the largest, most visible organ of the body. We are committed to the highest level of quality skin care and to delicately enhancing what nature has already given you. We aim to augment your best attributes with an emphasis on a natural approach to rejuvenation. Long gone are the days of looking like someone else. We are committed to helping you improve upon imperfections, while maintaining your individual essence.

Divine Derm provides superior patient care, by giving first class service in diagnosis & care, using the latest equipment & technology, and being conveniently located & available to handle all skin issues, of all skin types.

Thank you for choosing Divine Derm!

Meet Our Team

Dr. Cornelius


Ajanay “AJ” Gay

Lead Senior Medical Assistant

Kim Norwood

Senior Medical Assistant

Paige Myers

Aesthetician & Receptionist

James Cornelius

Director of Operations & Business Development
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